About Us


Lucioso's Pub is located at the historic Jenney Grist Mill in "America's Hometown" of Plymouth, Massachusetts. It is the culmination of a joint business venture of John Luce and Gabriel Daher, two longtime friends who grew up together and worked in the restaurant industry for many years together.

John Luce opened a pizza shop named Lucioso's Pizza in 2004 and had always dreamed of opening a full-fledged restaurant and sports bar. When the opportunity came, he sought out Gabriel Daher to partner with and bring the place to fruition.

The name Lucioso comes from the Spanish word "osioso," which means lazy, and the last name, Luce. Thus Lucioso, which was the nickname Gabriel called John when they worked together. While the two are definitely not lazy, they encourage a casual and laid-back lifestyle. "Relax," "Calm Down," and "Chill Out" are phrases you'll hear at Lucioso's. Now come out and have some good times!